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So often when I talk with someone that wants to sell their things, they always seem to start off with those things that don’t sell very well.

It seems that everyone has old books, record albums, comic books, Beanie Babies, baseball cards, collector plates, and almost anything that was specifically produced for the collector market.

Sure, there are exceptions, and there are some very rare and expensive old books, comic books, baseball cards, and record albums. But the vast majority we see are common items, produced by the millions.

I tell people if they want to see if they have anything of value, they have to look up each item they have individually. This is a very tedious and time consuming task, with a very low payoff potential. You could also take your items to a dealer, who can identify any items of value right away, but in all likelihood they would make a very low offer.

So often, those things most people might consider trash, or throw-away items, are the one that may be the most valuable.

I always counsel those getting ready to sell off an estate to be very careful about what they throw away, and to have a professional at least look at what you have.

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