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If so, you’ll be saving yourself 25-30% of the total amount made on the sale, as that is what most estate sale companies charge. I believe you should use a professional service as the increase in sales and decrease in hassle should more than offset the cost.

But there are some pitfalls…

Trash – there is always more trash than you think. Trash is not only actual trash, it is also items that nobody will buy. Nobody wants to go through your parents’ piles of dirty clothing, old newspapers, half-used paint cans, open foodstuffs. and other items that are broken or particularly dirty. We usually fill a dumpster (or two!) at each sale we handle.

Display – I can’t tell you how many sales I have been to where most everything is in boxes in dimly lit rooms. Make sure you have enough tables to adequately display what you have for sale, and make sure you have some drop lights to use for darker areas in the home.

Pricing – The objective is to sell this stuff. If you look up everything on eBay and use those prices your sales will be low. If you want eBay prices you have to sell it on eBay. Your items should be priced to sell, typically at a fraction of their retail value. Make sure all your items are priced legibly, and reasonably.

Advertising – Your sale should be advertised properly with a proper description of what you are selling, the address, and the times of the sale. Pictures are very important as well so take as many as possible.

Sale Time – Your sale should be well staffed. People may need help with certain items. There might be some questions. One or two people per floor is suggested.

Clean-Up – Make sure you have a donation site lined up to come and get your leftovers. Whatever remains after your sale will have little value, if any.

I do recommend using a professional. Estate sales, if done right, can be expensive, and surely time consuming.


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